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Founded in 1999, Elite Development Program (EDP) is an organizer of youth soccer leagues and tournaments in the US. With over 5,000 teams and 170,000 players participating annually, EDP Soccer is one of the largest of their kind.
I began working with EDP in 2022 as a freelance photographer. Since then, I have been covering various tournaments throughout New Jersey.

 Check our some of my highlighted images below!
A truly compelling image is one that speaks to your audience on a personal level. In the images below, I aimed to reveal the genuineness of the organization and what EDP's ultimate goal is - to bring players, fans, and coaches together. 
At EDP Soccer, players are constantly battling neck and neck. As a photographer, showcasing that competitiveness and dedication is key to producing a meaningful photo!
Capturing the tight details will tell the story of a situation by focusing on a relatively small portion of it. These are shots that the audience typically won't see, so I knew I had to take advantage and document these unique moments in time. 
To conclude, this is how I share EDP Soccer's story through creative photography.
Thank you for viewing!
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