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Real Central New Jersey is a pre-professional soccer club located in central New Jersey. Their teams compete in United Soccer League Two, Women's Premier Soccer League, and Eastern Premier Soccer League. For the 2022 season, I had the opportunity to intern as their team photographer. This role involved producing images for Real Central and the leagues mentioned above. This was all achieved while maintaining a consistent look on the images, delivering them in real time, and archiving them.

Below, you will see my highlighted photographs, covering various aspects of the beautiful game!​​​​​​​
Training is always interesting because it allows for the flexibility to take photos from different perspectives. I made sure to keep an eye for detail during sessions! 
Pre-match cannot be overlooked! The players are both physically and mentally preparing, while the fans are getting riled up. It is crucial to document the developing mood.
A soccer club can always make productive use of a classic action photo. A key point to taking a successful one is to convey motion - whether that consists of two players battling, a player aiming for a cross, or rushing down the field!
As both a photographer and a fan, I have to admit - it's tough to beat a goal celebration! The beauty of goal celebrations is the fact that they have the power to connect players to fans. Capturing the emotion in these moments is vital to producing a noteworthy photo.  
Being a recently established club, it was especially important to show constant appreciation for Real Central's fans. My duty was to capture any moment that pertained to club support. Making fans feel like they were a part of the game was my goal! 
The variety of shots produced allowed for a diverse range of placements across the media.
 I worked with the social media intern to coordinate images to share on social media while the match was live. This required a speedy and productive workflow, as I had to simultaneously take images, edit, and share them. But the hard work was worth it, as the fan response to the image quality was positive!
"Ben developed a consistent and effective photography program for our season. The players, staff, and fans were greatly impressed by the quality of the photos taken."
-Ira Jersey, Founder & General Manager of RCNJ

"Ben’s qualifications as a photographer are evident in his work product: his pictures are beautiful and interesting. While Ben takes direction well and can be asked for specific types of shots, he doesn’t really need direction and provides exactly the kinds of photos we need for marketing ourclub. Furthermore, Ben is a proactive communicator and easy to work with."

-Jeremy Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer of RCNJ
To conclude, this was how I told the story of Real Central New Jersey's 2022 season through photography.
Thank you for viewing!
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